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The PanteraRX6 One-Design High-Performance Rallycross car has been developed by MJP Racing especially for the new Global Rallycross Championship starting in 2019.

The key design criteria was to build a Rallycross vehicle that delivers similar or higher performance than a current WRX FIA Supercar for a fraction (20%) of the yearly cost. This is the main reason for the One-Design approach as it allows the standardization of parts and cost effective parts service. It enables most of all the creation of a new regulation that is truly cost conscious.

The achievements of this design are the use of an engine that delivers slightly lower horsepower  and torque than a WRX engine with a ten-times longer rebuild cycle of 3000 km. A higher displacement, no restrictor and a locked ECU reduce the need for expensive engineers and BOP balance-of-performance. It also provides a much smoother performance delivery in a durable package.  The world championship level gearbox and drive train is designed for 20% more torque to be extremely reliable.

The space frame chassis and FIA-spec roll cage with a double-wishbone suspension and driver adjustable anti-roll-bars provide on track handling that rivals the very best in current Rallycross cars.

The car features half-height, lifting gull-wing doors as a unique design feature in Rallycross. MJP will be offering the car without a bodykit to enable teams to use their own make or design preference within the regulation or supply a number of body kits as options.

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